Roman Coronagraph Instrument Information Sessions

October 26, 28, 2021 (9am-2pm PDT)
Virtual (link below)

The Coronagraph Instrument on the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope is designed to achieve unprecedented high-contrast performance by deploying several key technologies in space for the first time. With its multiple modes, including broadband imaging, spectroscopy, and polarimetry, it will pave the way for future exo-Earth-finding missions and will itself potentially produce groundbreaking exoplanet and disk science. The Coronagraph Instrument is being developed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in collaboration with Goddard Space Flight Center, CNES, MPIA, JAXA, and ESA.

There will be a community information session on the Coronagraph Instrument on the Roman Space Telescope. The purpose of the session is to inform the community about current progress on the Roman Coronagraph Instrument and its capability as a technology demonstrator and potential science instrument. This may be particularly useful for potential proposers to the Coronagraph Community Participation Program (CPP) element of the Roman Research and Support ROSES solicitation expected later this year.

This information session will contain presentations from the Roman Coronagraph Project on the status and capability of the instrument, presentations from both Coronagraph Science Investigation Teams summarizing their work done and potential future areas of interest, and summaries of additional resources, including open-source simulation tools. The Information session will also present an opportunity for interested parties to ask questions about the design, development, and potential operational uses of the Coronagraph.

The sessions will be virtual and take place from ~9:00 am - 2:00 pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, October 26 and Thursday, October 28. All are welcome to attend, including participants from international institutions. No registration is required. An agenda will be released closer to the date of the meeting.

If you have further questions about the info session, please email

No registration required; Open to anyone.

Agenda is here.

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We will be using Slack to facilitate Q&A as well as attendee networking. You can create your free account here.

Further Deep Dive Sessions

Nov 03, 8am PDT — FALCO for the Roman Coronagraph Instrument. A. J. Riggs (JPL)
Nov 11, 9am PST — lowfssim for simulating the Roman Coronagraph Instrument Low Order Wavefront Sensor. Brandon Dube (JPL)
Nov 18, 9am PST — Roman Coronagraph Exposure Time Calculator. Sergi Hildebrandt Rafels (JPL)

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