Supplemental Information for ROSES call

This page contains information useful for community members responding to the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope announcement in the 2022 ROSES call for proposals. The opportunity will contain three categories: Wide Field Science (WFS), Project Infrastructure Teams (PITs), and a Coronagraph Community Participation Program (CPP).

The Roman Science Support Center (SSC) at IPAC is part of the Roman Ground System. The SSC produces science data products for the Wide Field Spectroscopy Mode and for the Galactic Bulge Time Domain Survey (GBTDS) and associated exoplanet goals. The SSC also supports Coronagraph Instrument operations. Technical details and Information about the Coronagraph Instrument to support the CPP are linked below.

Questions about this ROSES call? Please consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to see if the answers may already be there.

Coronagraph Instrument Support Detailed Information for CPP

Instrument Reference Information

Targets and Observing Constraints

Image Simulations and Data Processing

Dark Hole Algorithms Working Group

Other Resources

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