Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope Coronagraph Instrument Pupil


We provide files containing the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope pupil, in order to allow researchers to experiment with coronagraph design options.

Pupil Models

Coronagraph Instrument Phase C pupil (2020-5-13)

Phase C Coronagraph Instrument pupil (2020-5-13). Origin: A.J. Riggs, JPL. This 2D map of the Coronagraph Instrument entrance pupil includes the Optical Telescope Assembly obscurations. The pupil was generated by a ray-trace on an 8080x8080 ray grid (2363.2 mm per side).

Roman Phase C pupil, 8080x8080 pixels (PNG file).

2018 Pupil Model #180718

Coronagraph Instrument input pupil #180718 as of July 2018. Origin: Bert Pasquale (GSFC) via A.J. Riggs (JPL). The pupil file includes the baffling as seen by the Coronagraph Instrument. This pupil is 4096 pixels across, embedded and interpixel-centered in a 4096 pixel grid. Users may re-bin this pupil file to suit their needs.

WFIRST #180718, 4096x4096 pixels (BMP file).

Cycle 5 2015 Pupil Model

Cycle 5 design pupil (baseline as of June 2016). Origin: John Krist, Kent Wallace (JPL). This pupil is 8192.5 pixels across, embedded in a 8295x8295 pixel grid. The FITS header info gives the location of the pupil center and its radius. Users may rebin the pupil to their needs using these values (when unzipped this file is 275 MB, but zipped it is smaller than 1 MB).

WFIRST Cycle 5 pupil, 8295x8295 pixels (FITS file).

Pre-cycle 5 2013 Pupil Model

Pre-Cycle 5 design pupil files (2013). Origin: John Krist (JPL). Note: this pupil was used by the project for coronagraph modeling and testbed evaluations in 2013-2015, most notably the simulations performed in support of the Final Science Definition Team (SDT) Report (Jan 2015), and those appearing in peer-reviewed publications in the Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems (JATIS) Special Issue on WFIRST Coronagraph Volume 2 (2016), as well as for coronagraph technology development milestones 1-6.

Provided in two levels of binning:

WFIRST Pre-cycle 5 pupil, 512x512 pixels (FITS file).
WFIRST Pre-cycle 5 pupil, 1000x1000 pixels (FITS file).

Model of the Roman pupil (baseline as of July 2018).