Roman Space Telescope Coronagraph Instrument Off-axis PSFs for SPC wide FOV imaging mode

Aberration-free, off-axis PSF images in SPC wide field of view (FOV) imaging mode (filter Band 4) are provided for science modeling purposes. There are fine step size 1D off-axis scans of the PSF going across the inner and outer working angles (IWA and OWA), a medium step size 2D off-axis scan going across the IWA in a quadrant, and a coarse step size 2D off-axis scan from the origin to beyond the OWA in a quadrant. For the 2D cases, the other quadrants have symmetry with the one provided.

The simulated data uses the Phase B baseline design for the wide-FOV imaging mode, named SPC-20181220. These PSFs are aberration free; aberrated images will be provided after this coronagraph mode has been evaluated in the complete instrument model.

The model used to generate this data is a broadband Fourier model, with images at six wavelengths evenly weighted and evenly spaced to approximate the 10% spectral bandwidth. The dark hole intensity is static. No pointing jitter was added, although the large IWA makes any expected amounts of jitter unnoticeable for this coronagraph. Neither detector noise nor photon noise were added to the images. Off-axis sources were modeled as wavefront tips/tilts introduced at the starting pupil in the model.

The simulated data can be download here. The file readme_SPC-20181220_offaxis.txt provides details about the content in each of the files.

Simulated data and documentation are courtesy of A.J. Riggs.

Example off-axis PSF simulated offset from center at 9 and 10 lambda/D in x and y, respectively. This is the 270th PSF slice from the 2D cube off-axis scan (cube_PSF_SPC20181220_2D_0to25by1.fits).