Roman Space Telescope Coronagraph Instrument Off-axis PSFs for HLC narrow FOV imaging mode

Realistic off-axis PSF images in HLC narrow field-of-view (FOV) imaging mode (filter Band 1) are provided for science modeling purposes. A coarse 2D off-axis grid and a finer 1D off-axis scan of PSFs are simulated.

The simulation is based on a recent HLC design for the (pre-)phase B pupil, and uses near-latest (phase A) optical telescope assembly (OTA) misalignment + OTA+Coronagraph Instrument surface aberrations + (phase B) polarization effects.

The model consists of a full Fresnel diffraction model for high-accuracy contrast simulation and an economical compact model for realistic wavefront control (dark hole digging), mimicking flight-constrained electric field conjugation (EFC) performance. The dark hole is static, and no jitter was added. No detector noise was added. Off-axis sources are introduced as wavefront tilts, one at a time, and each resulting PSF image is obtained.

The simulated data can be downloaded here. The README_HLC.txt provides details about the content in each of the files. Simulated data and documentation are courtesy of Hanying Zhou.

Example off-axis PSF simulated at 5.5 lambda/D x-offset from center. This is the 70th PSF slice from the 1D cube off-axis scan.