NASA selected the High Latitude Cosmology (HLS) Science Investigation Team (SIT) during the formulation phase of the Roman Space Telescope. The PI was Olivier Dore (JPL), with Yun Wang (Caltech/IPAC) leading the Galaxy Redshift Survey investigation and Chris Hirata (The Ohio State Univ.) leading the Weak Lensing investigation. The Formulation SITs began their work in 2015, and were officially disbanded by NASA in 2021, in anticipation of the competition for new science teams during the implementation phase. Two sets of data products from simulations generated by the SIT have been made available for use by the general astronomical community.

Data Products

The primary data products of the Galaxy Redshift Survey investigation by the HLS SIT have been publicly released by the Infrared Science Archive (IRSA) at IPAC:

Additional descriptions of and documentation associated with the two sets of data products are available at the respective links above.