July 1-6, 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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  • 8442-27 - The Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope: WFIRST - James C. Green and The Wide Field Infrared Camera Science Definition Team
  • 8442-33 - Wavefront Sensing For WFIRST With a Linear Optical Model - Alden S. Jurling, James R. Fienup, David A. Content
  • 8442-35 - Wide-field Infrared Survey Telescope [WFIRST]: Telescope Design and Simulated Performance - Renaud Goullioud, David A. Content, Gary M. Kuan, James D. Moore, Zensheu Chang, Eric T. Sunada, J. Villalvazo, J. P. Hawk, Eric L. Johnson, Cory A. Powell, N. V. Armani
  • 8442-54 - A Laboratory Facility For Emulating High Precision Astronomical Observations - Roger M. Smith, Suresh Seshadri, Timothy M. Goodsall, Jason R. Fucik, Barnaby T. P. Rowe, Eric Jullo, Chris Peay, Jason D. Rhodes, Richard J. Massey
  • 8453-61 - Control Electronics For Large Mosaics of SIDECAR ASIC Driven Detectors - M. Loose, E. Cheng, J. Lohr, D. B. Mott, A. Waczynski, Y. Wen, D. V. Wilson