Roman Virtual Lecture

Apr. 20, 2023

Speaker (Affiliation):
Sean Terry (Berkeley)

Measuring the Masses of Exoplanets and Compact Objects with the Roman Galactic Bulge Time Domain Survey


The Roman Galactic Bulge Time Domain Survey (GBTDS) will detect more than 30,000 gravitational microlensing events across six observing seasons. It is expected that over 1000 exoplanets, a few hundred free-floating planets, and dozens of massive compact objects will be discovered in these events. This talk will give an overview of the techniques that will enable mass measurements for the bound exoplanets and compact object lenses. There will also be examples from precursor studies that have successfully demonstrated the capability, as well as simulated Roman data for black hole lenses. Finally, I will give a brief description of the anticipated photometry and astrometry pipeline development for the microlensing survey.